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Vigor-Force Supreme: a Health Product for Stamina, Endurance and Resistance in Men

Press Release   •   May 30, 2016 04:09 EDT

Prairie Naturals Vigor-Force Supreme

Vancouver, Canada — Prairie Naturals’ Vigor-Force Supreme is a health product in soft gel capsules which boosts libido in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). The product is formulated with beneficial herbs which promote sexual drive for men giving them vigor, energy, endurance and resistance. Some of its constituents, muira puama and ginkgo enhance blood circulation, a process crucial to sexual endurance.

Vigor force Supreme is a best-selling health product which is new and improved. It was produced by Dr. Jonathan Beatty, an award-winning Naturopathic Medical Practitioner from Ontario, Canada. It is regarded as a very effective energizer for men; works instantly and is biocompatible with body organs and systems. Also, it raises the duration of penile erection.

ED is caused by a number of factors — some of which are brain illnesses, some medications, nutritional deficiency in vitamins C and D, minerals like zinc, among other causes.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are often embarrassed and dejected when they have low sexual energy or are impotent. This significantly affects their self-esteem and could play adverse roles in their relationships. A proper intake of Vigor-Force can correct this problem.

Furthermore, eating a balanced diet; avoiding stress and abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, junk foods and sugar are some measures that can curb the worrisome medical condition.

Why Vigor-Force Supreme?

This product is highly beneficial for men’s sex lives:

It is reformulated and significantly improved.

It provides sexual vigor, energy, endurance and resistance for men.

It contains the active ingredient from Bulgaria, tribulus which greatly increases the production of testosterone.

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