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What if finding the perfect expat career in China was effortless? And free?

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2013 10:35 EDT

The top companies and start-ups in China are looking for you. There a huge market for skilled, bilingual, and multi-cultural creatives in the Chinese market. Western companies campaigning to enter the Chinese market want you as their representative. Chinese companies trying to break into western markets need you even more.

And yet they're not finding you.

Seasoned professionals working in China can only rely on their connections and reputation to advance their careers. Young professionals ready to start their Chinese careers don't even have that.

The problem looks like this: The Chinese job market is a minefield of positions awarded through connections, etiquette mistakes and, worst of all, the inability of companies to know who has mastery of the Chinese culture and Mandarin language and who simply claims to on their resume. The only way to find out this last is through interviews…time consuming , expensive, and quite limited in amount. They don't waste it on someone unless they already know that that person has mastery…usually through a connection that vouches for them.

Entrenched professionals find themselves advancing slowly in their careers. Young professionals usually wind up in a low paying gig or internship just to break into the market, working in positions they are well overqualified for and searching for a place to advance.

It's a deplorable situation, and it's needs a solution. What if there were someone who could vett you as a skilled and Mandarin speaking professional, even if you know no one in China? Someone in touch with China's top companies, who could be your connection and introduction. There's an American expat in China by the name of Abe Sorock. He's your connection.

1 year ago, Abe found himself in the same place as most young expat professionals in China: pigeon holed in a job that offered no growth opportunities, no challenges to his skills, and not much practice in Mandarin.

Seeking an out, he asked the most visible members of the Chinese job community if they could help him find a better position, where he could stretch his skills and grow while actually making a difference in a company that made a difference in the world.

Their answer…

Nothing. They wanted to help him, but they simply didn't have the information at their fingertips. Who was in the market for foreign expat professionals? Which big companies need a guy like Abe? The knowledge simply wasn't out there.

And that's how Abe found the next step in his career…he would be the guy who had that knowledge. He would be the person who had the best expat jobs in China at his fingertips, and who could help foreign expat professionals like him find the best jobs that China had to offer.

So he created a little company called Atlas China to do just that. He's managed to build a database of some of China's top companies in need of expat professionals, and begun matching them together. The more high level employees he helps companies find, the more companies contact him to help, the more expat professionals he can help find the top jobs, and the more expat professionals contact him for help. It's a virtuous cycle.

And, since the companies pay him when he fills a position…

Atlas-China is free for all job seekers.

Up until now, Abe has kept it small and private. He's been working solo, and there are only so many positions he can help fill at once…and he's been testing the waters.

But, on August 29th, he's throwing the doors open. He's brought in a few friends and young professionals, trained them to have as deep an understanding of the Chinese job market and knowledge of how to match the perfect people to the top positions as he does. He's lined up a huge list of top Chinese companies and startups looking for foreign bi-lingual professionals.

It all goes live on August 29th, the launch day for the new team to start working together and connecting the top expat professionals to the top jobs a huge scale.

So how do you get in?

Sign into Atlas China, tell Abe who you are, what your skills are, and what kind of job you dream of. Show off your mastery of Mandarin & your professional skills in his on-site video and tests. And then sit back and relax. Abe will give you a ring when he lines up your interviews. And it's all for free. You don't pay a dime, ever.

The skill tests and Mandarin mastery video are two of the most powerful parts of the whole process. They allow Chinese companies to see for themselves your Mandarin skills and your professional skills at a glance, and they know they can trust them because they trust Atlas China.

Oh, and tell your friends…every friend that you refer that gets a job through Atlas China means $100 USD in your pocket.

It's a pretty sweet deal, eh?

There's finally a way to start your career in China from the top of the ladder, instead of having to work your way through the crowd of the unqualified and dishonest, past the jobs awarded through connections, and smoothly through the etiquette challenges.

Abe Sorock and the Atlas China team are your connection and your coach in the Chinese job market. They find you the perfect jobs for your career in China. They teach you, through the Atlas China blog and the personal coaching sessions with Abe, how to master each step of the process from creating the ideal resume, impressing at the interview, gaining connections and promotions in your job, knowing Chinese etiquette to impress your connections, and other things of that nature.

It's 100% Free, Atlas China never charges you a dime for finding you your ideal job in China. And it's effortless; you don't have to search for jobs and make individual applications. Abe and the team find the best jobs for you, get in touch with the hiring mangers, and let you know when you win interviews.

If you want to find the top jobs in China, sign up to Atlas China at 10 minutes after signup, Abe and the team will already be matching you with Chinese career opportunities.

And, if you take an hour or two to prove your skills and Mandarin mastery, you'll show the top Companies in China what few others are able to, and you will often find yourself already in a great Chinese career within weeks.

Grab some green tea and sign up at Abe will be in touch with your first interview in China.