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Why Do We Need Long Tail Keywords – PPC Tips for Beginners

Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2010 06:03 EDT

Ever wonder why experienced PPC advertisers spend so much time identifying and managing long tail keywords when most of them can be covered by other shorter broad or phrase match keywords?

For example, if you have the keyword tennis shoes in phrase match, you are pretty much guaranteed to show up for search queries such as pink tennis shoes or pink tennis shoes for women. So, if that’s the case, why do PPC advertisers need to spend so much time adding long tail keywords such as pink tennis shoes or pink tennis shoes for women as separate keywords?

1. While everyone is busy bidding for the popular keywords such as tennis shoes, if you can identify other popular long tail keywords and bid on them, you can probably achieve higher position for a lower price since there is less competition.
2. If pink tennis shoes has a higher conversion rate than tennis shoes, by having them as separate keywords allows you to adjust the bid of one without affecting the other.
3. If someone is searching for pink tennis shoes for women, they probably would like to see that keyword showing up somewhere in the ads. By separating out long tail keywords, you can have more targeted ads to increase click-through rate, and therefore increase keyword quality scores as well.
4. Even though the search volume of each individual long tail keywords are lower than the popular keywords, the combined search volume of all long tail keywords can be as much as the popular keywords, so they really shouldn’t be ignored. If you can have all the long tail keywords in your campaigns, you can probably covert at a much lower cost compare to your competitors who only bid on popular keywords.

Keep in mind that this needs to be an ongoing process. The moment you stop doing it, someone else will catch up to you.

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