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Why You Should Care about Your Joints

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2016 04:23 EST

Natural Factors MSM Joint Formula

Your joints are literally what hold your body together – they are the connections that join your bones, teeth and cartilage and without them your body would fall apart. There are various types of joints and they are made of different organic material depending upon where they are in the body. The joints that hold your bones together and are most often loaded on during everyday activity and exercise are made of many parts including: cartilage and connective tissue. Over time, the joints are used more and more and the parts of the joint begin to degrade naturally due to wear and tear – this happens as a result of aging but also when one exercises frequently. The degradation of joints can cause extreme pain and the most common places for pain to be experienced is in the knees, shoulders, back and wrists because they are loaded so frequently. They are also crucial portions of the body that must be kept in tip-top shape to allow for higher performance for a longer duration of one’s life. Taking care of your joints is critical and there are many supplements out there that boast the ability to maintain and treat painful joint problems. Natural Factors MSM Joint Formula is proven to treat joint pain and even begin the process of healing joint injuries and long term problems.

How does MSM Joint Formula Work?

The main ingredient of Natural Factors MSMJoint Formula is Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM). This compound, when combined with other beneficial ingredients for a perfectly blended formula can not only help relieve joint pain but also begin the process of healing and rebuilding the tissue. By acting together, the ingredients (most notably, MSM) work to increase the structural integrity of the joint and tissue thus making them stronger and longer lasting. In particular, MSM increases blood supply, mitigates pain, reduces inflammation and acts to soften scar tissue (which is the tissue that replaces the good, fibrous tissue after an injury). MSM acts as joint therapy to alleviate any pain and get you back to tip top shape.

Your joints are no laughing matter, they are important and need to be treated as such if you plan to live a healthy and long life. Whichever way you choose to heal and care for your joints – either through physical therapy or supplements, Natural Factors MSM Joint Formula is a beneficial and convenient way to give your joints the added boost they need. For more information regarding purchasing MSM Joint Formula, visit

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