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Cataracts for Dogs Eye Drops to Cure Dogs Cataracts and Glaucoma

Press Release   •   Nov 12, 2011 08:29 CET

Maintaining our pet’s eye health is a major concern as they age. As they get older their eyes have a harder time fighting off free radicals that cause oxidative stress. This highly oxidized environment within cells comes about as a result of a chemical reaction from exposure to oxygen and sunlight. Since the lens of the eye acts as a light shield for the retina, it’s no wonder it takes all the oxidative punishment. The destructive action of free radicals (they are oxidizing agents) also destroys enzymes that are needed to maintain cellular metabolism. And, since blood flow decreases with age, the eye is further deprived of other essential nutrients for health.

Cataracts for Dogs are among the most typical diseases influencing the eyes of pet dogs. Associated with Dogs Cataracts, there are numerous kinds and results in association with the development of cataracts. Regardless that they may be quite typical, a whole lot continues to be unfamiliar regarding pet   Cataracts and Glaucoma. Until recently, really the only cure seemed to be surgical procedures as well as the treatments and procedures designed to eliminate Dogs Cataracts tend to be just like those found for treating human beings. Bright Eyes NAC eye drops were originally developed to treat humans but they work equally as well with pets and all other animals.

The scientists administered NAC Cataract Drops three times a day to all of the dogs in the study and then examined their eyes at two, four and eight weeks. They found that significant improvements in relation to lens transparency took place, which resulted in improved vision especially in the early stages of the Dogs Cataracts. So the Eye Drops for Cataracts Treatments are not only designed to help people with Cataracts and Glaucoma; they are helpful in Cataracts for Dogs and Dogs Cataracts After Surgery as well.

Dogs Cataracts are very rampant, especially for those dogs that are already aging. When the impacted dog has gone through a comprehensive evaluation to ascertain whether it is a viable applicant for surgery, a little cut is made in the eye, and a hole is created inside the capsular bag where the lens of the eye is located. During the post operation period, pet dogs could have a lot more irritation in their eyes plus there is often more scarring damage than in human beings. This kind of scarring damage really does little to reduce eye-sight and, despite the fact that nearly all owners observe a rise in their dogs perspective right after a cataract removal surgical procedure. Just like cataract procedures in people, cataracts procedures for dogs in most cases the end result is fairly successful. Around five to ten percent of dogs will never get back very good eyesight because of issues, and might sometimes even end up completely sightless inside the eye that has been operated on.

Cataracts and Glaucoma in dogs are very common as they age and again, especially if they have diabetes. In fact, seventy-five percent of all dogs diagnosed with cataracts will develop cataracts within one year of the first diagnosis and it can develop very rapidly, literally overnight in some very severe cases. Because of age, other complications, and the costs involved, it is not always possible for pets to undergo cataracts surgery and our Ethos Bright Eyes drops for pets provide an excellent and natural alternative to help restore your pets vision back to full clarity again.

 If you feel your dog is actually suffering from cataracts the best advice is to go and see your local veterinary clinic ophthalmologist for an eye examination and ask for a complete and thorough check over for your pet which will reviel if in fact your pet has cataracts or any other eye conditions that require treatment.

Cataracts for dogs can be a real worry and a big burden to most people, especially when they really love their pet dog and treat them as if they are a part of the family and want their own family and obviously only want the very best of treatment available for them. Sometimes the NAC eye drops are in fact the only possible course of treating Cataracts for Dogs if the dog is old and has other health issues which stop it being a viable candidate for cataracts surgery.

Dogs Cataracts and Glaucoma are unfortunately often not treated because of the high price of cataract surgery for dogs. Because of this, many dogs end up losing their sight due to cataract. But now it is possible to cure cataracts in dogs using a simple course of N-Acetyl-Carnosine eye drops called Bright Eyes Drops For Pets. One drop is simply applied hourly, into each eye being treated, and the average course of treatment is to use six boxes of drops, over a period of six weeks, when treating both eyes. The drops work on virtually all pets and other animals.

Although many praise the benefits of dietary supplements, better way of preventing and treating Cataracts for Dogs, Cataracts Blurred Vision, Dogs Cataracts, Cataracts After surgery, Cataracts and Glaucoma is through topical solutions.

Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes Cataract Drops for pets is the most advanced eye formula that offer protection from free radicals because of its unique formulation of lubricants, an anti-glycating agent, and antioxidant which helps your pets to rediscover the world around them with their improved eyesight without any surgery.

Ethos Endymion are the suppliers of Bright Eyes Eye Drops For Dogs Cataracts that is  the actual product featured in the Richard & Judy TV Trials and the Daily Mail newspaper features. The Cataract Drops has been proposed as an effective Cataracts and Glaucoma Treatments to Cure Cataracts for Dogs, Cataracts of the Eye, Cataracts Blurred Vision and Cataracts After Surgery.