GenView is active in the Operational Intelligence field with 3D data visualization

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2017 11:03 CET

Based in Lausanne and managed by Thierry Navarro, the start-up GenView is active in the Operational Intelligence field with 3D data visualization. It offers companies the ability to view all the required information in real time. With this data, companies can manage their various processes and control operations in order to make quick decisions. An app allows the user to view the information from a computer, tablet or cellphone. A sort of 4.0 cockpit available at all times.

The company also diversifies its product to the field of health and sports. Throughout a chest strap containing 2 electrodes that enter in contact with the body, the Electrocardiogram (ECG) is measured in real time in order to check the heartbeat and its variance. The data can be used for medical purposes, where the doctor could follow-up virtually on its patients, or even in the sports field to receive a detailed monitoring of an athlete's physical activity during training, competitions and recovery. On top of this product's diversification, an ongoing fund raising of a few millions should be concluded by the end of March...

GenView wants 3D visualization to be an asset for various market segments. Fund raising in perspective.

Genview3d is a decision making software for executives to efficiently control, pilot and ensure alignment with business objectives.