Pothole Repairs Not Soon Enough

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2011 14:16 GMT

With potholes causing as many as one in five mechanical failures on UK roads and costing UK drivers an estimated £320m each year, The Fuelcard Company is welcoming news of the Government’s plan to invest an additional £100m to deal with the grave state of the nation’s roads

“Two tough winters have caused up to 50 percent deterioration of UK roads with an estimated one pothole every 120 yards so news of the additional funding is indeed welcome. Yet the question must be asked, why has it taken so long for the Government to respond to the concerns of commercial drivers and local authorities to address these vital repairs?” asked Jakes de Kock, Sales and Marketing Director at The Fuelcard Company.

Potholes are a double threat to motorists who not only face rising repair bills but the increased hazard of accidents as insurers claim potholes cause three million crashes as drivers take evasive action.

“The UK’s roadways are the nations primary transport infrastructure, yet the latest count suggests there are 1.6 million potholes on the 246,000 miles of our secondary road, an increase of 700,000 in the past two years,” continues de Kock. “Commercial drivers are already footing the bill for the dire state of the nation’s roads with statistics showing over £473m was spent in the last year just to repair their wheels and tyres, nearly £100 million more than in 2009.”

“Although it is reassuring to hear the worst of our crumbling infrastructure will be repaired, the cost of using our road network is still very expensive and the cost of vehicle maintenance is ever growing as trucks bounce in and out of unrepaired potholes. All this means fleet operating costs will remain high.

“The UK’s commercial drivers are already fighting for survival against crippling fuel prices, increased repair and maintenance fees caused by pothole damage could push smaller fleets over the edge. This won’t just affect our industry but will resonate across the entire UK economy hitting UK competitiveness and raising the price of everything we buy in the shops. The rise in transportation costs will see the price of everyday goods rise steeply, fresh food become scarce and many jobs could be lost. The UK could come to a total standstill,”

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