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Why we chose the OXE as our product brand

Blog post   •   Apr 23, 2019 08:00 CEST

OXE Diesel logo

The team chose to use the name OXE Diesel as OXE is the Swedish name for an OX. The name reflects the fundamental characteristics from which this product has been developed – endurance, reliability, power, control – all essential attributes for a commercial marine engine.

Using OXE as the product range name also pays tribute to the hard work, stubbornness and relentless effort the team from Cimco Marine AB has spent to fulfil the demands of the commercial marine market, applying them to a product worthy trust from the commercial marine market.

The OXE Diesel is designed to withstand the punishing conditions experienced in commercial marine environments. In order to withstand these kinds of forces, the product must be robust and have strength – just like an OX.

When talking about the OXE Diesel internally we pronounce each letter separately O X E, but it is not really important how you pronounce it, it saves life and provides a safer working environment for commercial marine market.

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