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Cimco Marine AB CEO, Andreas Blomdahl, where interviewed by Marine Link where the evolution of diesel outboard engines were discussed.

News   •   Jan 03, 2019 13:04 CET

Twin OXE Diesel on Aluventure 1100 XE

CEO Andreas Blomdahl discuss the evolution of diesel outboard engines with Greg Trauthwein from MarineLink, Maritime Reporter TV.

Cimco Marine AB exhibited the OXE Diesel through the distributor Laborde Products, INC. at the workboat show, New Orleans, La. USA. Customers had the opportunity to experience the OXE Diesel models first hand and Cimco Marine AB had personnel at the booth during the show to answer questions directly.

During the workboat show Cimco Marine AB, CEO, Andreas Blomdahl, where interviewed by Marine Link where the evolution of diesel outboard engines were discussed. Here follows a short summary of the interview.

What makes the OXE Diesel unique?

We are basing the engines for our Diesel outboards on horizontally mounted automotive engine, much like inboards engine. Some of our competitors has developed their own engines, but from a cost perspective we have always based our technology on using engines from the automotive industry. The engines from the automotive sector have become more powerful over the year and more lighter weight. 

Right now we have a GM Opel engine , that we are using for the production versions of the OXE Diesels. Next generation has got a six cylinder, all aluminum, BMW based engine. 

Another thing that makes the OXE stand out from competition is that we have relocated the transmission from the lower torpedo which is the location for the transmission on all other outboards today, up to just below the engine so we have a large hydraulic gearbox more suitable for commercial applications above the waterline.

Our value proposition is that we have a broad range, we will have the broadest range covering from 125 to 200-horse powers with a 300-horse power in coming in 2020. Cimco also offers a much more heavy-duty solution compared with competitors, especially with the large hydraulic gearbox which actually makes us capable of doing crash stops. It is not something that we recommend but we can actually do 40 knots and put it in full reverse without damaging the gearbox which is unheard of. It is just a way of expressing how strong the technology actually is. We have a quite different technology than most of our competitors. We feel it is a much more durable and heavy duty set up than everybody else has.

If you haven’t been on a boat with one of our outboards on it there is a lot of distributors with demo boats with OXE so get out on the water to get a feel for it.

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