How OSRS work on Mobile?

Blog post   •   Aug 21, 2017 09:08 GMT

Jagex had announced that the Old School RuneScape mobile client is coming late 2017. You will have good chance to take part in the beta of OSRS mobile. The first beta test will begin sometime after RuneFest 2017, and Jagex will add more players with every iteration. If the mobile phone is your faithful partner, you can buy cheap Runescape 2007 Gold with 6% off code:RS6 on our site. Our store provides a friendly interface and fast shopping experience for mobile phones and tablets. Well,how is OSRS Mobile going to work?

The language options currently available on Mobile

Languages will be the same as on desktop.

OSRS Mobile Keyboard

OSRS mobile keyboard will automatically appear when you select a text entry field including the chat window.

OSRS Mobile Compatibility

The main operating systems including Android and IOS.They will try their best to make sure they have as much compatibility as they can.

How large are the apps ?

Initial app is a 2MB download, but less than 50MB for OSRS with everything (cache and all).

How to get message chat ?

In OSRS you get the red message in the chatbox, your phone buzzes, it takes a screenshot,maybe it tweets/posts it for you too.

The most concerned about the data usage of OSRS mobile. Some player have tested that OSRS uses like 10mb a hour. But we still suggest that you use wifi to play osrs mobile version. You can get wifi on our public transport (Arriva buses) in UK or US. Tell your friends! If you’re playing on the bus, tell them you’re playing OSRS lol.

Anyway,We will continue to update the relevant OSRS mobile news future. Don't forget to buy cheap Old School RS Gold with the cheapest price and the fastest delivery. Team