How To Fight Dragon Slayer 2 New Boss Vorkath and buy cheap OSRS Gold

Blog post   •   Jan 09, 2018 07:05 GMT

Dragon Slayer II released January 04 2018.When you finished Dragon Slayer 2 ,there are many bosses waiting you to we will give you a guide on fight Dragon Slayer 2 New Boss Vorkath in the old school runescape gold . help you to complete the quest quickly.

If using Ranged, players should use either Protect from Magic/Missiles while using the Toxic blowpipe to defeat Vorkath. Vorkath's Magic level is only 150, so the Twisted bow has a less than optimal damage output compared to a toxic blowpipe with adamant or stronger darts. Players should first lower Vorkath's defences so the toxic blowpipe can deal more damage onto Vorkath.

After these 6 random attacks, Dragon Slayer II Vorkath will use his first special attack: an acid/dragonfire barrage. When he does this, players must attempt to find an acid-free line to walk back and forth along (the longer the better). Try to have at least four or five spaces to help ensure you don't get hit. It is also worth noting that whilst walking, changing direction from East/West to North/South (or vice versa) causes a delay in which you may be hit by his barrage. For this reason, it may be better to simply walk through some acid patches to get to a safe line rather than trying to walk around acid and getting hit by the barrage. ...There is also a more difficult tactic (only usable with the blowpipe?) that lets you attack the boss during this phase - but with reduced damage. This tactic involves finding at least a 2-space line with no acid, with one space closer to and one space farther from the boss. The farther space must be too far for your blowpipe's rapid attack range. What you then do is alternate between clicking to the farther space and attacking the boss to make you automatically run to the closer space. Again, remember to take into account that this takes perfect timing, accurate clicks, and that you will be doing reduced damage anyway.

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