Join In Ninja Updates Coming on Monday like RuneScape Slayer Gem Packs

News   •   Mar 25, 2018 12:31 +0630

Part of Ninja updates coming on Mar 26 have just been revealed, including Slayer gem packs RuneScape, changes to Vengeance & disruption shield and etc. Let’s preview them in advance and get cheap OSRS gold from us.

What kinds of Ninja updates have been revealed?
Next week, on Monday there will a lot of awesome Ninja updates released in game. And here we will list some of them:
1.There will be Slayer gem packs added, which some players think make it easier to stockpile resources to make Slayer rings.
2.Fiends chat favourites can be used soon. However, the RS team cannot make multiple friends chat channels open at the same time, which requires engine work.
3.Vengeance & disruption shield will not be affected by GCD, which is especially great for Shattered Worlds.
4.Skillcape perks are visible on max/comp tooltip.
5.Reaper tasks can be seen on the Slayer counter.
6.Grand Exchange buy limits will be visible, which means you can know the buy limit of the category of the item you are buying.
Many players are very excited about these new improvements, and believe these improvements will be very useful for them. All in all, they just cannot wait to enjoy them.

Other upcoming Ninja improvements
Apart from the above changes updated on Monday, there will be some other Ninja changes in the coming weeks, including repairable augmented degrade to dust, the task set/achievement diary gear becoming free overrides and more.

Anyway, you can enjoy them very soon.What do you think of these new RuneScape Ninja improvements? What is more, if you need cheap RuneScape gold, RSorder is definitely a very safe place for you to get the gold, not to mention it can be delivered successfully within 10 minutes. Please always keep an eye on us for cheap RuneScape gold and further information.