OSRS Mobile Release Deta Beta on January 2018 with AFK Function

News   •   Jan 12, 2018 06:08 GMT

Jagex announced that OSRS Mobile release date was delayed to January 2018. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that AFK will be allowed on mobile OSRS. BTW, all players can buy runescape 2007 gold mobile from RSGoldOnline, which will be convenient to play mobile osrs anytime,anywhere.

When will OSRS Mobile release?

Old School Runescape would be the first MMORPG to attempt full cross-platform support and a mobile-optimised interface. With no doubt, it will be a big challenge ever. To give players a stable, safe and functional app, old school runescape mobile will be delayed to release in January 2018.

What’s next over the next weeks?

In the coming weeks, the test data will start, including storage used, data used per hour and battery life whilst playing. Besides, it is worth to await 1v1 battle among JMods on mobile.

AFK is available on OSRS Mobile

Few months ago, Jagex confirmed that:

1. OSRS Mobile will run on Android & iOS;

2. OSRS Mobile app will be entirely free to download;

3. Initial app is a 2MB download, but less than 50MB for OSRS with everything (cache and all);

4. Runescape 2007 will be completely cross-platform. That means, players can use their existing osrs accounts to play on mobile. But players cannot play the same account on mobile and desktop at the same time.

5. This app can run in the background. That is to say, if you go to nmz you can afk there for 20 minutes like on PC. But if you’re idle too long, it’ll log you out.

In the next weeks, the test data will start. Are you in? Once OSRS Mobile is released, what would you do first? Stock up cheap OSRS Gold mobile? You are welcome to buy from RSGoldOnline by using mobile!