About More Plan to Release RuneScape Player Owned Farm This Year

Press release   •   Mar 31, 2018 14:32 +0630

The Old School team confirmed that the RS team are working on the RuneScape Player owned farm and plan to release it this year. Many players are very excited about the farms. Let’s learn the whole story and get cheap OSRS gold from us.

Work on the Player owned farm currently
According to the recent RuneScape surveys that Jagex has done, many players have given a high score to the Player owned farms. And then the RS team admit that they are working on this update currently. and in the coming months they will show and talk about more about it, like what animals & rewards you would like etc. What is more, you may be able to include breeding, attracting creatures to your farms.
It will be designed by the same team who have created Pieces of Hate. And the team will open a dedicated discord server and a forum post to this update, where you can give your suggestions or ideas.

Player owned farm release date
A specific time for the Player-owned farm release is not decided yet, but it’s said to be launched this year. Perhaps we can expect it in December?

Some ideas about the update from players
When hearing the upcoming Player owned farm, the RS players are all very pleased and think this will be a cool update. Some players even have come up with some ideas, such as hoping the Player owned farms to be more hand-on version of Player owned ports; keeping the best parts of ports when adding its own unique flavor into the mix.

All in all, happy with RS gold for sale from us.