Join In 2018 Spring Fayre RuneScape with Dizzy Stick

Press release   •   Mar 27, 2018 09:56 +0630

As we expected,In the final week of March, we will be able to enjoy 2018 Spring Fayre RuneScape as well as Tribute to Guthix in game. That means in a few hours you can win Dizzy stick, Easter egg hat, Face paint, Zoltan plushie etc., besides catching Guthixian butterflies. There is osrs gold for sale on our site.

Spring Fayre in 2018
This year many stalls still keep the same as before.
Agility funhouse: Agility (south-west corner of the Fayre)
Bucking Baroo: Defence (north-eastern corner of the Fayre)
Candy floss machine: Cooking
Chinchompa Hunt: None
Claw-dia Stall: None (north-western corner)
Dancing Platform: Prayer (south-east corner)
Easter Egg Shy: Ranged (south-eastern corner)
Festive egg hunt: None (around the fayre)
Fortune teller: None
Helter Skelter: Constitution (in the middle)
Hook-a-Duck: Hunter (south-eastern corner)
The Mighty Zoltan: Divination (slightly east of the Helter Skelter)
Pickaxe wanging: Mining (north-western corner)
Test of strength machine: Strength (north-western side)
Trixie’s scavenger hunt: Thieving (north-west corner of the crater)
Of course, there are many more new stalls and new rewards waiting for you, besides these revealed previously: butterfly, cat & flower face paint; fish in bag; hook-a-duck flail; dizzy stick; Easter egg hat cosmetic overrides; Easter egg follower pet named Eggos; dizzy stick teleport animation override; and Zultan plushie.

RuneScape Tribute to Guthix event
The 2018 RuneScape Tribute to Guthix is supposed to require you to collect Guthixian butterflies as usual and each time when you catch 5, you will be rewarded with Guthixian Memory. In addition, this event should be lead by Taverlian druids to mourn Guthix's death after the Assassination of Guthix.

Join us soon,what are you waiting for? Let’s prepare and enjoy this XP festival with RuneScape Gold for sale offered here.