2moons: Crevice A Dungeon

博客文章   •   2010年01月04日 16:32 CST

Welcome to 2moons-dil! Here is from other site that something about 2moons players. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.

For the most part its similar to B, but a lot faster. You don't need 2 Segs btw, its nice, but you can meet in the middle every other round and Buff up then. Here is how A Dungeons work: Here We would provide you the cheapest 2moons gold with the fastest delivery.

Round 1: Segnale will CF the Yellow Spawn or the Middle Statue. Round 2: Everyone will go on Blue Spawn and Kill there. Round 3: Party Splits into 3 and 3, One Set on the Red Spawn, and One on the White. Round 4: Same Party Splits. Round 5: Same Party Splits. Here is the best online website for players to buy 2moons dil service.

Round 6: Same Party Splits. Round 7: Same Party Splits. Round 8: Same Party Splits. Round 9: Same Party Splits. Round 10: Same Party Splits but use Curse Res Set if you are on White Spawn. Now A Runs are faster and Damage is really needed. By now you have those Kick Ass Level 97 Cosmos so it should be easier on you now.

Again like B we don't recommend being on Red, thats mostly for Staff Summoners and Mages. We like White anyways cause there is a Seg, and its Easy. Towards the Higher Levels and you are still doing A Runs if you have good gear, you can use Damage Rings to help Kill Even Faster. If you want you can use Anathema mostly on Round 10 because it has Curse Res and can help. Once you get Agares, use him and keep him in the back, because with him you can pretty much just do you and a Segnale on White if you want because he RAPES.

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