Aion Elyos/Poeta: Black Widow Quest (level 24)

博客文章   •   2010年01月04日 16:25 CST

Aion Elyos/Poeta: Black Widow Quest (level 24)

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Elyos/Theobomos: Level(aion kina) 24 – Black Widow Quest.

Reward: 45,000 EXP. Reward: 6,500 Kinah(Aion gold). Available at Level 23. 

Approximate Completion Time: 30+ minutes. Guide for the Quest Includes Location of:

Theobomos: Level(cheap aion kina) 30 Crios. Theobomos: Level 24 Sinis the Black Widow. 

This quest is moderately difficult. Watch out for stealthed ghosts. Quest item(aion money) is not 100% drop.

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By the way, this guide was taken from other site, Hope you like.