Aion Quest: Return to Considerate Lagos

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Aion Quest: Return to Considerate Lagos

Dear players, glad to see you in our site. I have collect this guide from other website, it is mainly describes Aion, I sincerely hope it can help you more or less.

After you have Return to Considerate Lagos. Turn In: A Hungry Abex. (10,000 EXP). Go back across the bridge to Anasia. Turn In: Soporific Mushroom. (8,240 EXP). Turn In: Pilgrim in Trouble to Dronoa. (21,450 EXP). You can buy cheap aion gold from our site.

Run South through the cave and follow the road until you get to Roseino(1725, 2755). Get Quest: Slaying Slimes. Get Quest: Ribbit Blood. Get Quest: Swamp Plant Samples. Get Quest: Violent Plumas from Meliodas(1720, 2755). Get Quest: Mysterious Stones.

Run North down to the pond.Kill: Poisonous Bubblegut(1660, 2749). You have 2 Slime Immunity Medicine you need to use in order to kill Bubblegut, they remove the Spout Sticky Protection Fluid buff that Bubblegut has. Attack Bubblegut then use a potion(), keep attacking until Bubblegut applies another rotection and use the next potion to remove it.

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