Aion Ranger PvE Guide in Aion(part one)

博客文章   •   2010年01月29日 16:40 CST

Aion Ranger PvE Guide in Aion(part one)

Here we will talk about how a level 40+ assassin choose the Stigma stone in Aion. So you are looking to master the fine art of the bow? Do you wish you were as cool as Legolas? Too bad on the latter, but we can fix up your skills so you can hold a candle to the legend. PvE as a Ranger is stressful but highly rewarding. Executing your strategy well will reward. You with resounding victory, and failure results in soul healing.

You need to master is 'jump shotting', or the art of hitting jump just as you initiate a special shot that requires you to stand still. This isn't to look stylish, it's to resume your mobility rather than getting stuck in an animation of firing. It's virtually required to be a soloist once enemies begin to hit hard enough to punch through your pathetic leather armor. Being a ranged class(cheap aion kinah) in Aion is about having no downtime, and getting hit will make that highly problematic when you are forced to chug healing potions rather than mana potions.

Second, you need to know that your ranged damage chains are not the only skills you need to utilize in groups. We rangers can function as the last line of defense in crowd control via Sleep Arrow and our Entangling Root trap. Dont have tunnel vision and only worry about your DPS rotation when things get ugly is important.

Keep your buffs up at all times. When going all out Rangers have high mana consumption. and you will need to keep a steady consumption of Mana Potions or Mana Treatment going to keep the shots coming. Dont forget your food and drink buffs to increase your attack and regeneration. Depending on your Stigma setups, you will be running Bow of Blessing and possibly Strong Shots at least, and if you're serious about your damage, run Aiming as well. Failure to run these and any others could lower your output by 30% or more!

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