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Ball Mill Structure

博客文章   •   2010年11月22日 11:54 CST

Ball mill mainly consists of five parts as follows. It contains both the general and the detailed ball mill structure:

1. Cylinder: The cylinder is the main body of ball mill structure. The ball mill cylinder is welded by several steel plates of 12-15mm thickness. Both ends of the cylinder are welded by flange plates so that the feed end cap and the discharge end cap of the cast steel can be connected to. There is replaceable lining plate in the cylinder of ball mill machine. To keep the close contact of lining plate and cylinder inner wall and buffer the steel ball’s impact to the cylinder of ball mill grinder, there is plywood between the lining plate and the cylinder inner wall. For convenience, there is manhole on the cylinder of ball mill equipment, mostly is rectangle with length of 350~550mm, to replace lining plate and check the cylinder interior condition.    

2. Feeding part: This part consists of end cap with hollow shaft neck, united feeder, sector lining plate and axis neck inner housing. The hollow shaft neck can protect the axis neck inner surface from wearing by feeding. The inner surface of the inner housing is equipped with screw which contributes to feeding. The feeder is fixed at the end of the inner housing by bolt. Generally, the united feeder is the first choice, followed by the drum feeder and the snail feeder.

3. Discharge part: This part consists of end cap of hollow shaft, grid lining plate, wedge, centre lining plate, and axis neck inner housing. There are eight actinoid fillets, acting as the isolation board. There is grid lining plate between the fillets which is fixed by wedge of ball mill machine. The wedge is fixed onto the end cap by screw passing through the fillet on the wall. The front edge of the lining plate holds up all grid lining plates in the central part. The inner housing of the hollow shaft neck is made into the broadening formation blade on one end of the discharge grid to lead the pulp washed by isolation board to flow out with the blades. All the discharge part and the feed part are fastened on the cylinder flange of ball mill grinder.

4. Transmission part: This part consists of gearwheel, pinion, drive shaft, and elastic coupling. The grinding ball mill cylinder is driven by gear assembly, electric motor and coupling. The gear assembly consists of gear ring on the discharge end of the cylinder and drive gear. The drive gear is equipped on the drive shaft which rest on the two double-row ball self-aligning bearing in the bearing block of ball mill products. The gears are covered by the dust cap totally.

5. Main bearing: The hollow shaft neck of ball mill grinding rests on the main self-alignment nucleus sliding bearing. The main bearing consists of bottom chuck, bearing cap, bottom bearing shell with Babbitt metal casted on surface, cylinder dowel and seal joint. The bearing block and bearing cap are made into spherical surface to make up for the installation error. There is cylinder dowel in the sphere center of the foundation and bearing bush which can protect the bearing bush rolling out of the bearing block of ball mill machinery. The oil in pipe infuses to the axis neck fanshaped by oil nozzle to lubricate the bearing, and then flows back to the oil tank by oil discharge pipe of ball mill grinder.

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