Entering Guangdong, The "Airport" Has These Measures!

博客文章   •   2020年03月19日 15:25 CST

The global epidemicof new crown pneumonia continues to spread, as the forefront of China's foreign exchanges,Guangdong port ushers in a large number of people crossing the border.According to the latest news, at present, Chinese passengers from abroad (including transit through Hong Kong and Macao airports) who enter Guangdong port and come to Guangdong from other cities in the mainland and have lived abroad in the previous 14 days are required to undergo 14 days of home or intensive medical observation.

In order to strengthen the humanistic care for the entry personnel and realize seamless connection and closed management, Guangdong will implement the whole-process health monitoring and management service for the Chinese tourists entering Guangdong, focusing on the "three full coverage" ofport screening, special bus pickup and community health management.

Port Screening

Port entry quarantine (fill in the health declaration form, the passenger's passport at the time of entry "four-color separation").Baiyun airport "red yellow green orange" four-color label shunt corresponding four-color channel.

The "red" label represents the key passengers from guangdong, whose transfer time exceeds 12 hours, or who leave by other ground transportation (train, bus).

The "yellow" label means that because passengers cannot leave the terminal, Baiyun airport has designated the corresponding "international to international" and "international to domestic" rest and waiting areas to facilitate centralized and unified services and guide passengers to board.

The "green" label represents the passenger following the normal arrival process.

The "orange" label represents foreign visitors with a 14-day stay in key countries and regions.

Special Bus Pickup

When the passengers walk out of the exit, along with the temporary designated area "passenger distribution area" in terminal 2 east terminal, the province's 21 cities and Guangzhou city each district in this 24-hour station. When the passengers who need to transfer are waiting for the transfer in the isolated area, the rest of the passengers will be sent to each district of Guangzhou by special bus according to the label of the destination. If the number of passengers is too full, reserve vehicles will be prepared. Upon arrival at the destination, they will be released after verification.

Community Health Management

Visitors in this city shall be informed by the area where the visitors are located whether they have the conditions for home-based medical observation, and if they meet the conditions for home-based medical observation, the three-member working group of the community shall be informed to conduct home-based medical observation according to the grid management.Those who do not meet the requirements of medical observation at home shall be sent to the hotel designated by the district for centralized medical observation. For foreigners, the community will arrange foreign service personnel to join a three-person working group to provide foreign service.In order to better control the epidemic, please be safe, let us have a better tomorrow.

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