Felyne cat skills in MapleStory

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Felyne cat skills in MapleStory

Welcome to maplestory-mesos. We got the guide for Maplestory players from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

Dismantle low/high: (small) chance at an extra carve, cumulates with armour skill "Carving Celebrity". Drop: monster 100% drops its shiny object when performing a certain action. For example, when throwing a sonic bomb at Kut-ku only works when he is not in rage mode. Frugality: same as Divine/Spirit's Whim. Gunpowder: makes your bombs bigger and more powerful. Exchanger: receive 15% more Pokke points after a quest is done. Combine low/high: raises item(Buy maplestory mesos) combining succes rate. Strongcat: small attacks do not bother you, e.g. vespoid stings when you carry an egg.

Supercat: slower stamina decrease when carrying eggs. Supercarver: you do not flinch from small attacks when carving. Paratrooper: recover faster from falling from high places, also eggs will never break from falling. Wrecker: destroy boulders that obstruct your path faster. The felyne skills are not listed in any particular order of importance, because they are all useful in some way. "Dismantle" is very useful, but has unreliable odds. We provide cheap maplestory mesos for you.

"Drop" works really well on any boss monster, but is useles on Giadrome and Congalala. "Frugality" is equally useful as "Divine Whim". All the other skills are nice to have, but are not needed if you know what you are doing. Because of the rather random nature of Felyne skills getting activated, not too much attention should be spent on trying to get them. In MHFU however, you can save after having visited the kitchen and the effects will still be there when you reload the game, contrary to MHF1&2. Because of this, it might be good to save when you activate a good combination of felyne skills, just in case you have to or want to start over a quest.

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