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How Pebble Mill Grinds

博客文章   •   2012年12月06日 09:15 CST

Installation of Spiral Classifier:
The inspection machine was no damage, no loose screws, you can install. Spiral Classifier should be securely installed in the pouring of concrete on the basis of good. Basic design should have a good supporting role, the screw to minimize shear forces.
Operation of the classifier structure and principle of clear, before manipulation of the machine.
Maintenance of Spiral classifier:
1, the bearing lubrication every 4 hours to dry by hand to the bearing pressure injection pump high pressure oil, to keep bearing the seal performance.
2, where the grease lubrication points are sodium or calcium base grease lubrication.
3, the class should see whether the gear oil inside the needle carved line, every 6 months for second oil.
4, should always check the lower part of the middle frame bearing or bearing, bearings, seals for wear, bearing is damaged, so that timely replacement.
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