Knight Player Stats Skills(part two)

博客文章   •   2010年02月06日 09:00 CST

Hello guys, here is Knight World!

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With respect to skills(knight online noah), here is the progression you can use:

·Explorer to 5 (Minor Healing)

·Archery to 15 (Multiple Shot)

·Explorer to 10 (Evade)

·Archery to 25 (Perfect Shot)

·Archery to 40 (Arc Shot)

·Explorer to 30 (Safety)

·Explorer to 36 (Cure Curse)

·Archery to 55 (Arc Shower)

·Archery to 60 (Shadow Hunter)

The core archer long-range attack skills and close-range attack skills are good skills because they can be spammed. The fire and poison damage spells have cooldown and slow casting time, and the dot they inflict is quite hopeless, so you don't disturb using them.

Thanks for your attention!