Make Aion Character in Star Trek

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Make Aion Character in Star Trek

Here Thepowerlevel would like to brings you some tips for Aion players. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. Wish you have a good day in the wonder game.        

It's a big day for the startrek fans that startrek online open beta test has lanuched. We here provide you with some basic newbie(Aion gold) guide for those who just start their new life in the startrek world.

Be aware of the races you are going to play(aion online gold). In startrek online, there are 9 selectable races which have their racial traits. Those traits will crucially influence your future development. Each species has different additional traits point.

Understand what kind of additonal traits you need. Since you have chosen your species, you need to determine which additional traits are more suitable for your character. In the life of startrek online, you are going to combat both in ground and space. Hence, you need to choose best sets based on your species to make perfect character(aion Kinah ).

In Startrek online, you got to check all the traits carefully. Think of all the possible sets based on your race and additional traits. Determine which kind of guy you wanna be. The startrek online is a team game(aion money). It requires players to fully cooperate with each other during the battle. If you have a stable team, do think carefully what responsibility you gonna take.

When you are facing a force of enemies, the first one to open fire will take main attack from enemies. So we need the concept Tank in traditional MMORPG(Aion золото). Also we may try to have strong ability to survive. Then the repairing skill may be quite useful. In addition to the mentioned above, you may have great desire to slaughter the enemy, then the traits for combat may be your best choice.

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