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Mount the main battlefield.Ssangyong Ssangyong in Mountain View area, only 9 kilometers from the city, covering 580 acres, is the largest area of Shijiazhuang, the battlefield the most complete fighting game type of venue. Jungle (Orchard), positions, bridges, caves, corridors and other venues galore! The world’s largest area of Guan, maplestory

As can the observation deck overlooking the panoramic view of Shijiazhuang. Area is not only a beautiful environment, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation, catering complete, is a good place for recreation. Here, you can also feel the childhood games played, such as slingshots, gyro and so on. Fragrant rice farmers, rural game, maplestory mesos
different kind of passion to add color to your barbecue.
Daquan short jokes
Maybe you’ve played a lot like Counter-Strike (CS) of the first shooter games, live game CS is an actual combat against the military and police training to civilian use in combat exercises, it also draws on CS scene design and online games rules of the game, forming a unique highly intense and entertaining leisure and fitness activities against the shooting.maple story meso

Stone base here is a village surrounded by mountains of low-lying land, surrounded by mountains, trees trees, not the village and see people, when through the winding mountain road into the village, click on the exposure to the stone World: The stone house stone homes, stone table, stone stool, stone grinding stone, Stone Street Stone Lane, stone stone fence, the ancient stone village road is paved. paving stones are mostly gray,maple story mesos hard stone, age rounded edges and corners of friction to light rock, but not slippery stone path of light, dry Jiejing.

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