MapleStory Editing the case to risk the island completed the

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task of finishing the first phase, of course, there are many deficiencies in the premises, I hope everyone here supply theory and suggestions!

Hero - Rush Hero - Ice palm heroes - warriors will heroes - Sunflower Collection

Heroes - rock solid Black Knight - Black Knight soul healing - soul blessed Black Knight - the dragon leaned

MapleStory The Juggernaut Knights of the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of the Hammer

So funevil personality Creative ~ get into the mind of a large collection of online games were children ~ Daquan

Chao fun personality evil get into the mind of the online creative ~ name ~ Daquan large collection of children

the most famous among children get the big and small: the main number, strong feet of water. Small, small old crayons. Get homonym hobby for many users, especially the last little old people food for thought crayons. Nice name of children online games
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Second, the most 'local', the name of the child: the spring bound tractor. Long been asking for his wisdom for also add a 'hands on', did not rule out.

Third, the people most is not the name of the child: If you see 'fees corners' the name of children, whether there will be a sense of falling bladder. Nothing more than 'a month there a few weeks' to converge a little.

Fourth, people vomiting in the name of the child: 'If the big piles of fish' or you first use this nickname was, the man now goes without, and he now called 'anal is not defecate'maplestory

Fifth, most criminals in the name of children:. Have a small brother to kill the wild Fortunately, called 'the face of the bodyguard over here', he does not like to steal, like Ming the rush, I guess.

VI, no obligation to change song arbitrary categories: named for the song too much, like, sad urinal, do not step on the mine road in winter to Taiwan
Question: get a red bead, but then nodded his snowman, no red bead, and now turn too much, and do not know how it is, experts advice, pointing!
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Mystery: the other in forging technology to be that their mission is to tell you how the tools need to finished smoky quartz beads (1) pomegranate mother mine (3) Diamond mother of mine (3) the two upper floors will be able to trust you to do not played God of War. .

A red bead is divergent who kind of, playing paid directly out of

Also you have to own one with a forged material, a dark and transparent crystal diamond mother of 3 mother of mine three garnet mines, in forging technology in the other there, also go to the market to buy, the market now sell many,
maplestorymaple story mesos

To risk Island forging technology Where can I learn? Professional players to risk Island answer for you. I wish to tak mission requirements: the industries of non-novice, LV45 or more. Mission attribution: Health Industry coherent mission NPC: Will Swift Falls of the Mara people in Makati things Tia room (that is, before serving a has been prompt "in-house maintenance" in the room) and Wei Falls for the words, took Paolu mission. Listen to three NPC Tao Tao. (He cited the NPC to give you security teachers will each receive 10,000 Paul give a gold coin fee to listen to the teacher to teach) had spent to buy gold coins 3W intelligence. There espionage