MapleStory game description

博客文章   •   2011年02月18日 14:25 CST

Adventure Island is a modern cartoon 2D horizontal scroll type version of online games, games by the famous Korean manufacturers WIZET, NEXON production. Internationally known as “MapleStory”. “MapleStory” In China, the grand network of agents, known as “Adventure Island Online” (Taiwan, when the introduction of the name “Maple Valley”). Dress in the “Adventure Island Online” There are five major areas, the first 1,2,5 belonged to the Telecom, Netcom belonged 3,4. It is noteworthy that the National Service Adventure Island is the nProtect GameGuard using anti-plug-in.In the “Adventure Island Online”,maplestory mesosthe fighting and hunting is not the whole life. To find a time to find a mood, to totally strange world, experience the enigmatic adventure; change for the proud peacock, wearing gorgeous clothes, wear precious jewelry, move the person you like; make friends, get to know world hero, along with adding a variety of game ……bit by bit, life more colorful.If you are a cruel war and tired of the fierce competition, then find a quiet village to build their own homes now, and occasionally warm reception from afar to visit the ends of the earth or the adventurer, not a pleasure of life is it?

Rainbow is a beautiful island in the mushroom village, the villagers live and work. There are five of them professional soldiers, magicians, archers, Fei Xia, pirates particularly affected by the respect of others.
maplestoryThe five year career of outstanding ** to go to a place called Treasure Island and demonstrate superb hunting skills. This year, the village’s two guys sneaking small strong and the little angel to go to Treasure Island on the ship. They follow all the way warriors, magicians, archers, composed of The Red and pirate adventure group.That day, the risk group to complete the final task – the challenge of prehistoric monster bat magic, magic bat is a bat and learn the magic of variation. Small strong team and the little angel followed into the underground maze adventure, a huge figure appeared bat magic, and adventure team members to use their magic skills to start the siege of the bat, the bat magic gradually unable to cope. Magic in the bat when preparing to escape and found a small strong little angel, and caught two of them flew away. News reached the Rainbow Island, in order to find the whereabouts of Jack Bauer and the little angel went to Treasure Island, many people launched a massive search and rescue.

Interface is simple, unlike the market generally dominated the Internet online game 3D images to 2D images as the main, less dizzying perspective changes are not indications, is an easy to approach and get started in the game.
• role in the game is free to jump, climb vines, ladders, ropes, ladders, emphasizing the characteristics of action games.
• A way of rendering 2D side-scrolling online game, showing the lovely and lively as the main features.
• People are all two body, highlight the lovely features.
• combination of diverse props, paper doll system allows players to freely mix jacket, pants, shoes, hat, cape and even the hair and facial features.

The screen is full of fairy tale style, coupled with fresh and beautiful music, soft and with bright, giving a surreal, dream of a new experience. “Adventure Island Online” has a medieval atmosphere of the villages and grasslands, wild countryside and dense mountain plateau tribes, as well as the mysterious magic forest, etc., constitute a challenge to map a series of games, each map contains the different scenarios, such as forests, pirate ships, swamps, mountains, seaside resorts, snow, etc., people have a sense of proximity to dream adventure. Currently, Adventure Island already have: Warriors tribe abandoned urban jungle magic forest archer Village Pearl Harbour City Sky City Gold Coast village of frozen snow-covered toys Rainbow City Department of Earth and space tunnel underwater defense fairy tale village of Winsor Shaolin Shenmu Wuling Phinehas Edo Showa 诺特勒斯玛 Jia Tiya more than 40 cities in the (world, as of July 2008), which also no shortage of countries waiting for you enjoy the style map.

Choose a fresh game background music, beautiful background music, and each closely linked us once again to another hearing into the fairy tale world. If you feel that your eyes closed to it, “Adventure Island Online” into the kind of concert you floating in the air, clouds drifting in your ears; into the sea, the fish swam in the realm of your side … … What a wonderful feeling. While going to leveling Daguai, but “Adventure Island Online” is a pleasant fight the rhythm of sound, to give you completely the physical and mental enjoyment.”Adventure Island Online” The operation is very simple, there is no change in perspective, very easy to get started. Entirely through the keyboard of a few buttons to control the characters climbing, jumping, running, attacking monsters, picking spoils of war. In which the basic operation of the keyboard are: Ctrl-Attack, Alt-jumping, four arrow keys (← → ↑ ↓) direction of movement, ↑ ↓ – in the staircase / rope climbing up and down movement, etc., ↓ – lying in the ground so that people do Under the action, Z-picked items, W-large map, M-small map, E-equipment field, K-skill bar, I-item column (5 pages, respectively, equipment, consumption, maplestory mesossetting, and other special) in the 064 version, the article added column “a collection of articles” and “order item” function, S-figure status bar, F1-F7-expression shortcuts; items, skills and pet shortcut keys: Ctrl, Insert, Home, Page Up, Delete, End, Page Down, the right Shift. After reading it, I believe you can already imagine how out of operation. Any age you