MapleStory Technique of Evasion with Flash Jump

博客文章   •   2010年01月04日 16:44 CST

MapleStory Technique of Evasion with Flash Jump

This is maplestory-mesos. We have collected the information in MapleStory which we got from other site, hope you can learn more about it.

We are mainly putting this in here for people who do not fully understand the uses of Flash Jump. Flash jump is wonderful for moving, and running around way faster than everyone else, but it has a use in battle too. Say you are in the middle of a fight with Balrog, and he seems to be getting angry. Suddenly he takes back to release his claw on you, which would surely kill you in one hit, but there is something that you can do. You can evade it with Flash Jump before he buries you in your grave.  We provide MapleStory gold for you.

There is not much direction to doing this, just jump quickly and dash away before the damage is done. We have found ourself using this with Lycanthropes, Bains, Master Death Teddies, Death Teddies, Vikings, and pretty much anything else that people would consider as fairly deadly. Those are a few of the most basic techniques we could think of putting in here but if you have any other suggestions as to a technique that you think we should add, please e-mail me with the contact information at the bottom of the page. You can buy cheap maplestory mesos for your character.

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