Part 3: The Guide for Ludibrium in MapleStory

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Part 3: The Guide for Ludibrium in MapleStory

Glad to see you in maplestory-mesos. We got the guide for ludibrium in Maplestory from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

Rombot - Training at the Rombot map might be decent training and good for money making. Soloing Rombot would take a lot of time though unless you are in your 50s. Buffy - The spawn in this map is not spectacular, but these things are okay for money(Maple Story Mesos) in the 70's to 80's. Soul Teddies - Decent EXP and Money in the 70's and 80's. Klocks - Klocks are horrible EXP, but maybe you could pull some good drops out of them. Steelys seem to be their best, but they have got others. Do not try it till the late 70's, though. Buffoons - Decent EXP in the 80's, mediocre drops. Ghost Pirates - Not very good EXP, and they hurt. Do not train on these unless you have got a Priest/Cleric with you. Includes Dual Ghost Pirates.

Death Teddies - Good EXP, but it could be painful. This is one of the few places in Ludi where it is actually worth training for a long period of time. Similar EXP to Zombies, without the hastle of finding a map. Do not try it till the 80s though. Master Death Teddies. This is the best EXP for the 80s, especially if you have a Cleric or a Priest with you. If the Priest has maxd Holy Symbol, it is roughly 15% an hour training. Which is insanely fast. Spirit Vikings - These are good EXP from the 80's to the 90's, and are insanely fun. Fight them, seriously.

Grim Phantom Watches - We are not sure when exactly you should start training here, but definately do not start until you are at least level(MapleStory gold) 90. We do know that they are great EXP, though. They also drop Kage, the level 85 Staff, so that will be good for money. That is about all of the Ludibrium Monsters that we thought were worth mentioning if you find any others, or know of any others, email me with the information at the contacts section.

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