Part Two: Level 115 Abyss Dungeon in 2moons

博客文章   •   2010年01月04日 16:33 CST

Welcome to 2moons-dil ! Here is from other site that something about 2moons. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.

Oread has high Defense, and Hurts like hell(2moons gold) and hits Physical so its Defense Set. As a TB Hybird Summoner, when it comes to this Boss mostly focus on Poison Swords, and a few DAs and maybe Vicious Mirrors. Now assuming at times those TB Cosmos will be on cool down, keep up the Hit and Run with Poison Sword, and then Follow up with some Staff Cosmos with the Poison Sword Buff for more damage.

When it comes to Pets(2moons dil) though, its not always muspel cause he can Tank, or Agares because he hits the Hardest. Abyss is like any other Dungeon, its a Party Dungeon, meaning do what you can to help the Party. For the Most Part you are going to Cycle through Muspel/Agares/Anathema. If you are fighting a Boss with High Magic Res, use your Level 5 Anathema so that its -11% Res can help Mages out in the Party and other Party Members who are using % Elemental Damage Gems in their Weapons.

When it comes to High Defense Based Monsters, you want to use Agares because he hits Harder using Magical Damage. If he dies though you Muspel as his -% Def and Stun AOE can help alot for the Bagis/Aks using Physical Damage. When it comes to Oread, use Muspel as he can Help Tank, and his % Def and Stun AOE can help out.

For the most part when it comes to Pets in Abyss, just use the Pets that make he most logical Sense to Help he Party, High Defense Based either Agares for Magic Damage or Muspel to help Party out with -% Def. If its High Magic Res use Anathema to help Mages etc. By Level 115 Most people who are in Abyss know what they are doing, and thus usually everything goes ok and people work together.

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