Part Two: Templar Guide of Aion

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Part Two: Templar Guide of Aion

Here Thepowerlevel would like to brings you some tips for Aion. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. Wish you have a good day in the wonder game.       

In PvP templars are the only class(aion kinah) avoided by many players. Why? Because they are very hard to kill due to their insane defense. The main problem for them in PvP is to keep the opponent at melee range. You must avoid classes that slow you down a lot, and especially healer classes because they can outlast you in 1vs1.

Clerics can be beaten but a skilled chanter will always bring down any templar(aion money) in 1on1 combat. Positive Attributes: They have the highest defence and act as a main tank. They are always wanted in groups so plenty of gametime for you. Very difficult to kill and In most cases are avoided in PVP.

Negative Attributes: They have low to moderate DPS and no healing power meaning they rely purely on pots. Can only handle melee range attacks and can be easily slowed. Utterly group and gear dependent. Expensive class(aion kina).

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