Power Up Store Items Guides in Knight(part ten)

博客文章   •   2010年01月04日 16:19 CST

Hello friends, happy to see you in Knight18!

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Name Change Scroll
Price - 2,000
Quantity – 1
Description–A scroll to change the character(knight online noah) name. Can be used once in 24 hours.
Function -
1.A scroll to chance the character name
Duration–1 time
Method–Go to Blah blah in Moradon. You can change your name there.
Condition–Applies to all levels. Can't be used when in a clan.

1000 HP+ Scroll(S)
Description –It increases the character's max HP(Knight Gold)
Function -
1.A scroll to increase max HP by 1000
Duration–30 minutes
Method–Register the item on a short cut key window and use it the same as using a skill.
Condition–Applies to levels higher than 30. Can't be used with other items/skills that affect HP.

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Thanks for your reading and enjoy yourself.