Priest Guide of Knight(part seven)

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Hello friends, here is Knight18!

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b Level 2-5 /b br
Now that you have your new weapon, it's time to kill a few Snatchers. Here you can get cheap knight online noah. If you are a rogue/cleric/warrior, just run up and hit him a few times, but as a mage, your spell doesn't do enough damage to kill a Snatcher in one hit. Instead, use the "Kiting" tactic you described above. It will ensure that you don't take any damage. Repeat until you hit level five. Hopefully, you will have found an Opal or Crude Sapphire while you were hunting. If you find one, sell it to a shop for a nifty profit of 100k (Opal) or 150k (Sapphire). This money is very useful for starters, because it will enable you to buy some armor or a new weapon.

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b Level 5-10 /b br
Hopefully by now you have some armor and a decent weapon. It is time to hunt Kecoons. Get back to town, but this time exit out the middle gate instead of the right gate. Keep walking forward until you see little green monsters walking around. Select one. If it says "Kecoon Fighter," you are good to go. Kite them or melee them until you hit level 7(Knight powerleveling). Then, run off to the left and find a monster called the "Bulture." Hunt these for a while until you collect a few "Bulture Horns." This is a quest item for later, but keep it because you will need it. When you hit 10, go to Captain Kunabarl and choose your specialty!

Thanks for reading and have a good hunting.