Some Contacts in MapleStory

博客文章   •   2010年01月16日 15:59 CST

Some Contacts in MapleStory

Welcome to maplestory-mesos. We got some contacts for Maplestory players from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

We are reopening contacts, via this FAQ, but before e-mailing us, make sure that you have checked over everything in the FAQ in game(Buy maplestory mesos). The following criteria also apply. Your contact must not be about something covered in this FAQ, if it is covered in the FAQ, we will simply ignore it. If you see something that we should include, please tell us, we want this guide to be as complete as possible.

If we receive any harassment/complaints, we will simply ignore them, or remove contacts if it gets out of hand. Do not mess this up for others. You should not expect an immediate reply. We often forget to check our e-mails, and it make take 3-4 days before we catch yours in our pile of spam, and newsletters.We provide cheap maplestory mesos for you.

Positive feedback and constructive criticism are always appreciated, however, there is a line between constructive, and rude. Stay on the constructive end, please. Do not chat invite me in game asking for help, please. We reserve chat invites for people who are contacting us for reasons such as item trades,
we usually do not have the extra time to chat anyway, people on our buddy-list have gotten upset at me for ignoring them, to

Thanks for your reading. By the way, we provide the MapleStory powerleveling service with the lowest price and the best service. Please contact with us any time.