Starting Out for Level 1-30 in 2monns

博客文章   •   2010年01月16日 15:41 CST

Welcome to 2moons-dil ! Here is from other site that something about 2moons. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.

Until you hit level(2moons gold) 12 on your hunter you will be using your bow as your only weapon. At level 12 you will buy your bow and dagger that you will keep until level 90. Training Location: Outsite Loa/Braiken Castle. Lower North Morte/North Aries.

Yes, thats right you will be using the same weapon(2moons dil) the entire time! A hunter gets the majority of their damage from the skills and not the level of weapon like most other classes. While they are wasting points into str/dex/spr to hold higher weapons you will be allocating all your stat points into gaining more hp and shield.

Level 30:Training Location: HeiHarp- Frozen Valley- Nunvice- Parca Temple. At level 34 you can now enter the Nunvice Instance Dungeon. This is the best place to train until level 45-50 in regards to exp per hour. At level 35 you can enter the back section of Parca Temple, good exp back there.

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