Advantages of Register Company In Singapore

新闻   •   2020年03月10日 16:37 CST

As one of the most convenient countries for doing business in the world, and the headquarters of more than 600 local and foreign financial institutions, Singapore provides various convenient conditions for entrepreneurs to invest and start businesses.


1) Singapore has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the region. And to further encourage entrepreneurship, the government is giving full tax exemption on the first 3-year profit for newly incorporated companies. Basically, the tax rates are:

a) from S$0 to S$100,000 - 0% (first 3 years)

b) from S$100,001 to S$300,000 - 8.5%

c) from S$300,001 and above - 17%

2) Superior geographical location, commercial advantages radiating to southeast Asia and even the world, and excellent trade and logistics center. The country also has very good infrastructure, in terms of being a major airline and shipping hub, extensive local train network and advanced internet system.

3) Loose foreign exchange control, the gathering place of global Banks and the leading international financial center.

4) mature credit system, strict business norms, the safest country to do business.

5) Zero tax on capital gains and dividends.

6) Minimum paid up capital of only S$1.

7) Immigration visa (EntrePass) for company owners relocating to Singapore.

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