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If you have a Guangzhou company, in order to run the company well, you need to do company accounting. We, Timely Limited, local in Guangzhou, are prefessional at doing company accounting well, at the same time, save your time and money.Here you can find out what taxes are payable by foreign nationals, how individual income taxes are calculated, how the taxes can be paid, and what exemptions and concessions are available. Also you can obtain from here information about taxes on car purchases.

Guangzhou company taxes including:

1. Guangzhou Taxation Bureau are required to carry out the Internal Revenue Service and local tax returns, sub-monthly, quarterly, annual reports, foreign companies are subject to annual audit in order to return;

2. Guangzhou required to declare the Internal Revenue Service: value-added tax, corporate income tax, import and export operation rights, also need to declare, “Exemption, Credit and back” tax, to declare the nature of the period vary with the company’s different;

3. Guangzhou Taxation Bureau are required to declare: personal income tax, a comprehensive tax (ie sales tax and urban construction tax, surcharge for education and embankment.

TIMELY Service

Instead of hiring your own staff with fixed monthly payroll expenses, we can handle the accounting work for client in monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Advantages of engaging our service including:

  • Saving in recruitment and management of staff.
  • Saving in working space for staff.
  • Saving in fixed monthly payroll and social benefit contribution.
  • Better quality in output as supervised by professional accountants.

    For more details, please feel free to contact with us.

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