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Different mill speed is different

新闻   •   2012年10月29日 14:14 CST

Rotational speed of Ball Mill directly determines the cylinder grinding media movement and grinding effect.
When the speed is low, the ball Mill Ball was promoted by low height, the ball itself gravity from the ball charge top slide roll down, a cascading state, when the ball impact grinding effect is very small, but very strong, the ore is mainly grinding and grinding, the grinding effect of high.
When the speed is high, the ball was promoted higher height.The ball is lifted to a certain height after separation from the barrel, along a parabolic trajectory falling, in throwing working state.In the left landing has a great impact, ore is mainly affected by the impact and crushing, grinding efficiency.
When the rotational speed of ball mill exceeds a certain limit (high speed), the ball with the cylinder to rotate without falling, in centrifugal running state.When the ball is no impact, grinding effects is very small.
We know the proper increase of the rotational speed of ball mill can improve mill productivity, but not be one-sided pursuit of high speed.Because of the improved speed, also can appear a few problems.Such as ball mill is below the critical speed according to the theory of design and manufacture, if the critical speed or supercritical speed movement, one may occur due to the effect of centrifugal force and make the mill lost grinding effect; two is due to the high speed motion causes mechanical vibration and abrasion increased, the service life of the equipment is greatly reduced.At the same time the Ball Mill Grinding effect of internal damage, discharging thickening, increased in a graded load, so that products are not up to the qualified size requirements.
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