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Foam Pump Related Matters can Not Be Ignored

新闻   •   2018年11月07日 11:11 CST

With the development of mechanization, Foam Pump(KEXON) have been understood and used by more people. Foam pumps have many advantages over other pumping equipment such as: easy to operate, most have self-priming functions; and high wear resistance; able to transport very long distances, which is not met by small machines.

Foam pumps have a lot of precautions in the process of use, which everyone needs to know.

1. When using the foam pump in winter, it is necessary to discharge the liquid remaining in the pump in time to prevent the volume expansion of the liquid freezing and the pump casing to burst.

2. The motor is protected by mechanical seal, which can effectively prevent high pressure water and impurities from entering the inner cavity of the motor. Because the whole machine is a dry motor pump type structure, it is necessary to make sealing measures to prevent damage to the equipment.

3. During the use of the foam pump, it should be noted that there are cooling measures, which are the same as other pump equipment, because the mechanical operation will generate high heat, cooling is very necessary, the purpose of cooling is Reduce the temperature of the pump body, pump seat, bearing housing and shaft seal of the sand pump to prevent deformation and damage of these parts due to temperature rise.

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