How to Get Guangzhou Work Permit ?

新闻   •   2019年09月29日 16:48 CST

There are two ways to get Guangzhou residence permit. One is to register Guangzhou company(WFOE or RO), another is to have company employs you and offers you work proof.

The most important documents required for work visa application:

1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. No criminal Report

3. Two years or above work experience

4 Steps for work residence application:

1st step is to get Working Approval Notice (20 working days).

2nd step is with the Notice to China Embassy directly get Work Visa Z, or apply a three-month work visa in Chinese immigration.(usually 7 working days)

3rd step is enter with thatZ visa, we apply for Work Permit Card. (15working days)

4th,last step, is we go Immigration to get Work Residence on passport. (7working days)

It takes about 2 months to apply for work visa. You only need to provide documents required for us, we will follow for you. For more details, welcome to contact with us.

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