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Method for Making Foam Pump Guard Plate

新闻   •   2019年02月15日 11:38 CST

The utility model relates to a Foam Pump(KEXON) protecting plate, which relates to the technical field of pumps, and is characterized by comprising a guard plate body, wherein the guard plate body comprises a base plate, the upper part of the bottom plate is provided with a convex ring, and the convex ring is provided with a circular hole passing through the bottom plate, and an arc skew groove is evenly arranged in the position of the inner edge of the upper part of the convex ring, and the inner part of the circular hole is provided with a spiral groove extending forward. A connecting hole is arranged on the upper end surface of the convex ring and at the position between the arc inclined groove and the arc inclined groove. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, defoaming function, and can reduce foam generation, and is favorable for rapid conveying of slurry.

Because of the industrial process, there may be some suspended foam in the slurry transportation process. For example, in flotation, flotation industry will have foam in the pulp, so that ordinary slag chestnut is not suitable for conveying this foam slurry in mineral processing. Foam chestnut can be well adapted to flotation and other mineral processing industries through special structural design. The present bubble is called foam chestnut. The existing foam chestnut guard plate is relatively simple in structure and is basically the same as the chestnut guard plate structure. Because the foam chestnut is transported with substances that are easily bubbling, the existing sliding sleeve is not only detrimental to defoaming, but also easy to generate more foam and is not conducive to rapid transportation.

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