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Safety of Cosmetic Cream Jar Packaging Materials

新闻   •   2019年06月14日 14:49 CST

Why does the safety of Cream Jar(KEXON) packaging materials for cosmetics have a huge impact on the safety of cosmetics? Because once the packaging material itself contains excessive amounts of toxic and harmful substances, it may be slowly released into the cosmetics directly in contact with it, causing the quality of the cosmetics to change in a bad direction, which in turn causes great harm to the human body. This hazard is similar to the effect of food on the human body - it will be absorbed by the body, causing serious consequences. Therefore, the development of detection of harmful substances in cosmetic packaging materials will be inevitable, and the standards related to the materials of national food packaging are a good reference for studying the migration of materials in packaging. So where do the toxic and harmful substances that affect the safety of cosmetics come from?

1.additives in the package. The most widely used and most frequently used today is plastic. Compared with other ceramics, glass and other materials, its advantages are unquestionable - light weight, high strength, good tolerance and low cost. However, its flaws can not be ignored - additives of various functions and its own degradation. There are many types of additives, the most common ones are:

1. Filler (changes the hardness, wear resistance and dimensional stability of plastics, commonly used in gypsum, metal powder, paper wood, etc.)

2. plasticizer (strengthen the softness, elasticity and fluidity of plastics, commonly used phthalic acid, epoxy compounds, etc.)

3. stabilizer (to prevent aging, degradation, commonly used aromatic amines, etc.)

4.coloring agents Many of them are toxic and hazardous substances, such as phthalic acid and amine compounds. These additives, together with the monomer degraded by the plastic itself, will migrate into the cosmetics after being in full contact with the cosmetics, thereby burying hidden dangers to human health.

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