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The advantages of the ball mill stage grinding

新闻   •   2012年10月29日 14:13 CST


Ball Mill and Classifier combination, form grinding and classification process.Modern Mineral Processing Plant of a section or two section of grinding flowsheet, rarely used more than three sections of grinding process.

Grinding section number, mainly based on the size of ore dressing plant, ore grinding, mineral grain size, feed size and the final product size to decide.In general, if the final product size limit is greater than 0.15mm, can use a grinding process; the final product size limit of less than 0.15mm, should adopt two stage grinding process.In exceptional cases, when the feed size large (upper 25mm above), the ore difficult to grind, the scale of production, the final product size although thicker in 0.2 ~ 0.15mm, also can consider adopting two stage grinding process.If the ore is soft and easy to wear, not the scale of production, although the final size limit of less than 0.15mm production requirements, can also be used for a grinding process.Grinding section number, must be based on the specific circumstances to determine, by technical and economic comparison.

And the two stage grinding process, a grinding process has the advantages of: (1) classifier number is small, the investment is lower; (2) the production of easy operation, simple adjustment; no segment between the intermediate product transportation, multiple series of mill can be placed on the same level, equipment configuration is simple; not due to a mill or classifier lockouts impact a mill work stoppage loss, small; (3) the series can be fitted with large equipment.Its disadvantages are: (1) the mill feed size range is wide, the rational ball loading difficulty, mill efficiency is low; (2) not easy to get thinner end product. Get ball mill,beneficiation,Mineral Processing From