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The Benefits of Foam Pump

新闻   •   2018年11月02日 13:58 CST

Foam soap — which is liquid in a cartridge or bottle but is dispensed as foam — is one way to encourage hand washing in facilities while at the same time saving money through reduced product usage. Each of Foam Pump(KEXON) uses significantly less than a pump of liquid soap, and deposits a rich lather-like foam that may promote more thorough hand washing, making it an ideal choice in higher education settings, healthcare and food service environments, where hand hygiene is critical.

Foam soaps can also contain moisturizers, which gives users a more satisfying impression of the hand washing experience.

Saving Money, Cost Effective. Foaming soap dispensers release less soap than regular liquid soap dispensers do, allowing users to achieve the same level of cleanliness with less soap. Less soap per hand wash makes the same amount last longer, which costs less.

Environmentally friendly. Because it is a diluted form of liquid hand soap, less soap is used per hand washing session. It is also thinner and less likely to clog drains, which people often use harsh chemicals and detergents to resolve. Eliminates drips, stains and clogs.

Foaming hand soap can be used to lather without wetting the hands and water need only be used to rinse the soap away, which can reduce water usage during hand washing by up to 45 percent.

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