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The classification of the cement mill

新闻   •   2012年10月29日 14:15 CST

Cement Millcan be divided to the following two:
(1) high fine high yield cement mill:
High yield high fine cement mill for the main flow grinding system. Its characteristic is system equipment and process simple, low investment and less volume; In grinding machine structure of the advanced in the warehouse choose powder special device, fine grinding warehouse increased activation device, grinding end has special discharging deck plate, minimize grinding mill medium size storehouse, greatly improve the grinding efficiency and achieve high yield, the purpose of the low energy consumption.
(2) ordinary cement mill:
Ordinary cement mill equipment for most circle flow griding system, its characteristic is grinding efficiency, grinding machine production, consumption is small, especially the slag cement grinding, some more outstanding performance. General mill production can improve 15-20%, reduce the power consumption of about 10%, in addition, finished product temperature can reduce 20 to 40 ℃, the product is easy to adjust the fineness.
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