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The Foam Pump

新闻   •   2018年11月09日 11:38 CST

A Foam Pump(KEXON) comprises a pump body, a large cover, a large piston, a large piston rod, a small piston, a small piston rod, a head cap and a foaming component. The utility model is characterized in that the big piston adopts a double valve structure, and a ventilation groove for supplying air into the large piston gas cavity is vertically arranged on the inner layer valve, and the lower end of the large piston rod is integrally molded.

A one-way valve, the lower end of the one-way valve and the upper end of the small piston rod are socketed and fixed, and the large piston sleeve is arranged on the outer side of the small piston rod and the one-way valve. The inner wall of the inner valve of the large piston is enlarged in diameter, and there is a gap for gas passage between the small piston rod, and the upper side of the one-way valve is transversely provided with an air intake matching with the gap. The upper end and the outer side of the inner valve are formed with a tapered sealing surface, and the lower end of the large piston rod is provided with a convex ring matching with the tapered sealing surface. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, convenient assembly and good sealing performance.

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