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What PET Plastic Pump Bottle Shredder is Concerned

新闻   •   2019年08月23日 14:37 CST

Improving the performance of the wear-resistant material is one way to reduce the wear-resistant material, but only improving the performance of the wear-resistant material is one, and can not fundamentally solve the problem of wear-resistant material consumption. At present, China's PET Plastic Pump (KEXON) bottle crushing machinery market has become a hot spot for international equipment manufacturers. Because the replacement of crushing machinery is relatively fast, especially the life of small crushing is only three or five years, the annual crushing of domestic replacement is about crushing demand. 20% of the total provides a strong impetus for the rapid development of crushing machinery.

The good pulverization effect can be said to be the most obvious advantage of the jet mill, but at the same time, the disadvantages such as high cost, high energy consumption, and easy wear and tear of the equipment have always been the well-known weaknesses that the jet mill cannot become the mainstream crushing equipment. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the technical level of the industry, the quality and performance of the products have been significantly improved, and the market application prospects are widely optimistic.

At present, the main goal of the development of the crushing industry in the world is to increase the fineness and increase the output, and to expand the application range, for example, to develop and apply materials such as fiber, hardness, toughness, viscosity and elasticity, low-temperature pulverizer, The pulverizer with gas atmosphere is also the focus of many foreign manufacturers.

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