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Affects between china mining machinery and Japanese earthquake

新闻稿   •   2012年08月22日 10:56 CST

Recent years, it appears many disasters. For example, the earthquake not only in Sichuan of China in 2008, but also in Japan this year. Beijing time on March 11,Japanese waters around maizuru, Richter 9.0 magnitude earthquake.By this earthquake is influencing Japan's heavy industry such as domestic mining machinery. Japan is the important origin of global engineering machinery and the key parts. We think, after this earthquake, thread of nuclear pollution, post disaster reconstruction, inconvenience of transportation, losses of economy and other factors pulled mining machinery needs, which decreased the exports of China mining machinery to Japan. In the short term our country mining machinery industry were negative influence is limited,and post-disaster reconstruction may stimulate Chinas exports of mining machinery. In the longer term, Chinas import substitution space related businesses will increase substantially. Japans earthquake on the negative impact of mining machinery industry, mainly in the supply of spare parts .Consideration of Japan after the earthquake, power rationing policy may affect the capacity of Kawasaki, Kawasaki may give priority to supply its new hydraulic excavator needs. However, sand production line manufacturer in China has basically been with Kawasaki procurement requirements of the contract signed in 2011, in general, hydraulic parts supply will not be much impact on Chinese enterprises. The earthquake relief and reconstruction work, will cause of mechanical demand growth in Japan. In Japanese enterprise capacity under the condition of short-term cannot ascend, certainly will affect the export of related products to China, make the number of Chinese enterprises to gain import substitution space. Now look, domestic manufacturers spare parts stock basic in 2 months,little influence on short-term,But if Japan related companies severely damaged, may restrict productivity release of domestic mining machinery . The northeast factory ofKomatsu Japanese companies by certain influence , but komatsu in changzhou production base still is running well now, was not seriously affected by the earthquake in Japan. Japan is the important origin of global engineering machinery and the key parts.we think, after the earthquake in Japan for domestic mining machinery effects may include: 1) the domestic companies constraints of high-end parts; 2)the influence of global mining machinery supply of Japanese enterprise damaged; 3) Japan post-disaster reconstruction pulled mining machinery needs; Get rotary kiln,ball mill,ball mill From
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Direct Preferential Flotation
Definition of this method is: separate various helpful minerals in proper order. With its feature of high flexibility, it can adapt the change of ore grade, especially for sulphide ore of high grade. Xilin, Fankou, Lechang lead-zinc dressing plant of our country, and Laisvall lead-zinc dressing plant of Sweden all adopt this method.

Combined Flotation Flowsheet
Firstly, get mixed concentrate through the emersion of all useful minerals in ores; secondly, separate various helpful minerals in sequence from mixed concentrate. These two steps together are called part of amalgamate flotation Flowsheet. This process is suitable for treat raw ores of complex structure, fine embedded grains, and low content of sulfide mineral, which are in close symbiosis relationship. Because this process can simplify process, reduce ores’ over grinding, so as to benefit separation. Almarc Lead-zinc plant of former Soviet Union adopts preferential flotation this process. By using this process, we can get higher index than preferential flotation improve 10% of lead concentrate ore grade and 4.5% of zinc concentrate ore grade, raise the rate of multipurpose utilization from 75.4% to 83.7%, and double labor productivity. Qingchengzi zinc-lead ore dressing plant and Xiaotieshan copper ore dressing plant of our country adopt this process.

Part of Amalgamate Flotation Flowsheet
We can get mixed concentrate by the emersion of two useful minerals in ores together, then separate single concentrate from the mixed concentrate. The two stages together are called part of amalgamate flotation Flowsheet, which is the most widely used process in production. It is quite economical to adopt this process when raw ores contain low-grade nitrogen, copper-lead, copper-zinc, and lead-zinc.

Iso-flotability Flotation Process
According to minerals’ flotability in ores, mineral assemblages of good, medium and worse flotability are separated through flotation separation. Secondly, different helpful minerals are selected out from all mixed concentrates, which is called iso-flotability flotation process. For example, Huangshapinng lead-zinc ore dressing plant of our country, and Zheskaz of former Soviet Union both adopt this process. beneficiation,Mineral Processing,rotary kiln