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新闻稿   •   2016年10月19日 15:03 CST

Carbon Speed Cycle (CSC) is a pioneer who is thinking, planning, and constructing mountain bike wheels for years with furnishing it globally. This speckled arena has presented it the perfect basis for every type of riding. The foundation of a bike is the frame. Whether you're searching for the eventual race instrument in a mountain bike, or a reliable all-rounder for weekend elations, CSC makes magnificent bikes to fit a riding technique. At CSC, the engineering panel fine-tunes the frame geometry and perfecting the carbon fiber bicycle wheels to achieve the ride brilliancy. As professionals of riding, the seller constructs the peak quality bikes.

Developed to take a biker to the far-off places, away from the next-door trails and through ruthless backcountry boulevards you by no means thought of going. The carbon fiber bike rims place a rock-strewn mountain interlace on the deliberation of riding, so that riders can visit more trying topography and get a bit energetic, even teeming multi-day thrills. Riders can begin with a good carbon gear and choose a rear suspension to ensure that a border derailleur would unwind the broadest tire, as totally descending needs an extensive gear. The eminent measurement of tires presents an assurance and reliability in shifting sections, significant as riders can be baffled by heavy gear. They also have astonishingly well rolling opposition and outstanding roll-over rarity.

From gallant adventures to track biking, CSC bikes are made for citizens who respect the ride. CSC makes strong front rear with an augmented rear gear for extra ability and firmness. The biker capability was fine-tuned to be more candid, making extensive and relaxed time in the burden. The speedy carbon fiber bike wheels can be bought by any rider to triumph over the hard trails. With amiable chain stays and a broad diversity of alterations, CSC bicycles help you on sheer climbs, powering all through the rough stuff, and bursting at each path you wish to visit. Lubricant ports in major hinge positions give a harder, lighter, and easy-to-handle bicycle, together with the support of soft carbon material from CSC.